Earlier travels - Prague and others

Before starting this blog, I occassionally kept records of my travels - sometime with a borrowed camera, other times with scans. You can find the images and some description, as well as listen to my Last.FM station (if you're a member) at my Photosite.

Here are some Prague images Sangita sent after the project was completed.

Prague, and much of Eastern Europe, has signs almost like at home -- but not quite.

The old architecture also speaks back to a time not in my visual history, and much held behind the Iron Curtain when I was growing up.

The city is filled with bright, cleaned buildings - and each day offered brilliant skies.

While the built city refers to the old Austro-Hungarian empire - many new things crowded in and found their places - like this modern scooter.

The cathedral held an inspiring set of stained glass windows, done in a range of styles - from this one (above) reminiscent of my childhood tarot cards to:

this more modern style that suggests a flow of colors and elements...

to this very linear style.


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