Friday, July 22, 2005

First day of the shoot

Today will be the first day of the shoot - so it'll be super busy all the way through the night since we start filming at 3am on Saturday morning. We have many things still to collect and perfect so it's going to be a long and fun day.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Found in Reykjavik

Today was mostly spent looking at locations and coordinating with the production designer, Maria Kristin, on props. (I'll have a few images up on the Góðir Gestir blog) But we had some time for other explorations.

The gates to the Sirkus flea market and bar were a great location for finding little tags and bits of art. Check out the small art blog for more.

The street art here varys in scale from the very small to the quite large and cleverly placed...

and long lived (this one has been up since 2003).

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Iceland 101

Two days ago I arrived in Rykjavik, Iceland for three weeks of running props for an independent film: Family Reunion (Góðir Gestir at

We've been location scouting and getting acclimated - and part of that is to the < 60 ºF climate. Everywhere here, the mountains are in the background, and often thick mist or ocean.

The suburbs of Reyjkavik seen from atop the Pearl - a dome built on four massive water towers.

Looking past colorful, iron-sided and -roofed homes to the ocean.

Today is the first we've had much sun - it's been grey and dark - which draws out the wildness of the mountains and the quiet of the streets. But there is still color every where. I find it in murals, alleys and corners of potential locations and in the buildings and the sheen of bright blonde hair.

A large-scale mural off of Odinsgata in Reykjavik 101.

Carnival equipment stashed in an alley near the community center location.

From the Pearl door.

The Pearl. The grey pillars are water towers. At the top is a rotating restaurant.