Thursday, September 29, 2005

Rocky Mountain National Park

My sister was in Boulder to present her research on the global carbon cycle at a conference. We snuck a few days together and took off to explore the area. We drove to the Rocky Mountain National Park and up through its varied climes.

At the top of the range, trees have dropped away and the wind howls around you - and the sky is brilliantly clear. Lower down, the trees return and cling to the rocks, taking nourishment from the clouds that don't always drop their moisture on the plains below.

Further down, the alpine meadows begin, and the high grasses hide surprising discoveries.

Galen and I, halfway down. Galen with skeltal wings of wood.

Me, down in the meadow.

In the woods beside the meadow I discovered this uprooted tree. It feels as if it is reaching out to me from some nether region of the world - something ancient.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Detroit airport - art in the tunnels

Heading out to Boulder, I changed planes in Detroit, MI. My sister had recommended I find the pedestrian tunnel between terminals. She said only that I'd like it. Still photos don't capture it - so I've a bit of video (click the play button on the screen below.)

The piece was created with LED panels behind slumped glass and sand blasted panels. Each glass piece was curved to fit the tunnel and mounted to the ceiling beside the moving walkways.

The LEDs changed in time with an environmental/new-age score that seemed to reference the Midwest plains and storms.

Overall, the piece was wonderful - peaceful, unusual, and closely echoed the flow of people through the tunnel and the weather that might be affecting their immediate plans. However, as I spent time there, I wanted some of the patterns and changes to have a closer relationship with the people in the tunnels. If there was interactivity with the viewers, I did not notice it.

Taxi over the Williamsburg Bridge

Click the play button below to watch the movie.

I don't usually take a taxi to the airport... well I am often late... so it sometimes happens. But this time - it was beautiful out and I was exploring the video functions of my camera.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Aboard Ariel, floating in Seattle

Pilchuck has ended - it came to a gentle close with an evening of conversation in the library nook with Josh and Chuck, then a slow morning awaiting Tina and Mark. Then began a day of transportation adventures. I rode with Mark on his motorcycle back to Seattle where we four reconvened to eat great food and sail aboard Mark's Flicka, Ariel in Lake Union.

Mark, the captain.

Tina, first mate, and, as Josh says, The Boss.

Josh, rigging specialist.

After the sail, we went for fish and chips at a lakeside restaurant - Ivars? And Mark and Tina dropped me back at the marina to stay on the Ariel for the night.

I've spent a wonderful night of sitting on the deck, listening to the city hum, rocking a bit with the lift and fall of the water, and rediscovering, as I did in Shantie #2, how wonderful simple, small spaces can be.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Pilchuck projects

Ken Rinaldo and Amy Youngs worked closely with the gaffers to make a great number of ambitious work. Here Vickie assisting the creation of a large cylinder.

A blown form created in a copper form Ken made.

Chris Taylor's experimental class introduced a great deal of fun to the session - including melting glass in a microwave and upside down glassblowing.

Click the play button to view the video. (1 minute, quicktime)

Then, in the evenings, many things developed - from parties to music circles.

Thursday, September 01, 2005


This morning I moved from my old place in the East Village to the temporary place in Chinatown. Well, I'm still at Pilchuck - but the move happened.

Somehow this event here is almost over - it is over I suppose. Tomorrow when I wake, we pack and get ready to go. Then spend the afternoon cleaning. That night or in the morning we all head back to our normal lives.