Aboard Ariel, floating in Seattle

Pilchuck has ended - it came to a gentle close with an evening of conversation in the library nook with Josh and Chuck, then a slow morning awaiting Tina and Mark. Then began a day of transportation adventures. I rode with Mark on his motorcycle back to Seattle where we four reconvened to eat great food and sail aboard Mark's Flicka, Ariel in Lake Union.

Mark, the captain.

Tina, first mate, and, as Josh says, The Boss.

Josh, rigging specialist.

After the sail, we went for fish and chips at a lakeside restaurant - Ivars? And Mark and Tina dropped me back at the marina to stay on the Ariel for the night.

I've spent a wonderful night of sitting on the deck, listening to the city hum, rocking a bit with the lift and fall of the water, and rediscovering, as I did in Shantie #2, how wonderful simple, small spaces can be.


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