Detroit airport - art in the tunnels

Heading out to Boulder, I changed planes in Detroit, MI. My sister had recommended I find the pedestrian tunnel between terminals. She said only that I'd like it. Still photos don't capture it - so I've a bit of video (click the play button on the screen below.)

The piece was created with LED panels behind slumped glass and sand blasted panels. Each glass piece was curved to fit the tunnel and mounted to the ceiling beside the moving walkways.

The LEDs changed in time with an environmental/new-age score that seemed to reference the Midwest plains and storms.

Overall, the piece was wonderful - peaceful, unusual, and closely echoed the flow of people through the tunnel and the weather that might be affecting their immediate plans. However, as I spent time there, I wanted some of the patterns and changes to have a closer relationship with the people in the tunnels. If there was interactivity with the viewers, I did not notice it.


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