Rocky Mountain National Park

My sister was in Boulder to present her research on the global carbon cycle at a conference. We snuck a few days together and took off to explore the area. We drove to the Rocky Mountain National Park and up through its varied climes.

At the top of the range, trees have dropped away and the wind howls around you - and the sky is brilliantly clear. Lower down, the trees return and cling to the rocks, taking nourishment from the clouds that don't always drop their moisture on the plains below.

Further down, the alpine meadows begin, and the high grasses hide surprising discoveries.

Galen and I, halfway down. Galen with skeltal wings of wood.

Me, down in the meadow.

In the woods beside the meadow I discovered this uprooted tree. It feels as if it is reaching out to me from some nether region of the world - something ancient.


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