Phildelphia - a quick weekend visit

The Chinatown bus stops are right around the corner from my new place. I hopped aboard one to Philadelphia this weekend to help my friend Jessica move to her new place - and to visit Josh.

We moved Jess from South Philly to West Philly... or the other way around - from a block of old victorians, each going slowly to seed or trying to bloom, to a cramped block of small two story row-homes bustling with life and children spilling from every doorway and dashing among the closely parked cars.

(courtesy of ICA)
Sunday I went to Hot Soup to meet Josh who introduced me to the true Philly cheesesteak, made with Cheezwhiz no less. Then we drove to the ICA to see the Rodney Graham: A Little Thought exhibit and a gallery talk by one of the museum curators.

(courtesy of ICA)
The upside-down photos of the trees were remarkably arresting. His video/moving image work uses himself as the subject, but in a very Cindy-Sherman manner - but it creates a sense of pattern that my eye searches for and finds very familiar - perhaps that is Hollywood and the star culture, or perhaps it is also the human need to find patterns, and to solve the how-was-it-done question.


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