Tibet in 1993

I first truely left home when I arrived in the Delhi airport for a half-year Tibetan studies program. I still taste the weight of the air and the peculiar incense, and recall the skin, feet, hands, and fabric of the people surrounding us. Us - 15 young people, scrubbed and new to the wider world and to each other. Henry with a still red impression of innoculations delivered by a 12x12 grid of needles. Frif pressed and tidy. Myself bemused by the night world so palpable outside the doors to the terminal.

That night we shared the first of many adventures - traveling to our wonderful, damp, white Colonial mass of a hotel. I recall our adventures now in pieces - honey over a shared banana pancake with Mark and Ky; a night talking with Peter and Birch; bus trips, plane rides, temples, dog bites, illnesses, discoveries - and I am looking forward to meeting that group of 15 again - hopefully in the fall of 2006.

Photo from our meeting with His Holiness in 1993.


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