NYC West Village Halloween Parade

This Monday, Jess, Colin, and I joined the NYC Halloween parade. We spent the day gathering costume elements for three Twin Peaks related costumes. Colin created himself as Agent Cooper. Jess sought the right log for her version of the Log Lady. I evaluated plastic sheeting and makeup for my Laura Palmer, the murder victim around whom the story centered.

Most costumes were elaborate, creative, and humorous. Unlike most kids costumes sold, many of the costumes with current media and art reference were handmade - like the fantastic group of Katamari, and a number of Christo Gates.

The parade mixed both floats and individual participants like us. The floats ranged from musical to obscure, but certainly gave their members greater visibility. Volume of members and uniformity also broguht notice - like the amusing set of Elliot and ET's aboard their BMX bikes.

There were also a number of costumes that reflected the diversity of New York - like this couple in what I believe are traditional Korean hanbok.
I had a great time and would love to walk this again next year - perhaps with a larger group.


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