Seattle - the Library

While the staff aren't all that friendly - the new Seattle Public Library is great - skinned with glass to catch as much of the Seattle sun as possible, and well considered interior spaces and a unique flow through the stacks.

Curving through the center of the fourth floor is a vibrant red hall that feels like a combination of the klaxon red glare of a sci-fi space ship in trouble and a late 60's furniture set.

Glowing up the core of the library a neon yellow escalator contrasts to the white walls and brilliant fern patterned carpets. A variety of projections fill the great central atrium. They did not seem interactive.

Capping it all off - once you're on the top floor you realize the ceiling is padded - and filled with lights, fire extinguishers, and cameras.


Anonymous said…
this is a really famous library (for the architecture). rem koolhaas, i think.
the fraeulein said…
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Anonymous said…
Turi, I adore your photography.
Seriously. It makes me happy.

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