I travel towards.... home ownership?!

So - here's the thought - I might buy an apartment in NYC. Here are some quick snapshots of it.

The Bedroom - One window with fire escape. A small closet beside the window. Queen size bed.

The Hallway - view from living room back to bedroom and bath.

From the bathroom door towards the living room (with other people looking at the place.

The Bathroom - One window, frosted, in the tub. The detail on the caulking of the tub and toilet isn't great. But its a fair size.

The Kitchen - One window, but uninspring appliances and cabinets. The tenant built a breakfast bar to expand the counter space. That won't be there in my unit.

The Living Room - Three windows, one with fire escape. The room was crowded with people, a baby crib, two sofas and a massive entertainment system. (Sorry for the bad image)


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can't wait to see what happens...

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