Installations at the SAUMA exhibit.

Scent installation exploring the creator's non-visual or verbal experiences of Budapest, Helsinki and Paris.

Velcro jackets for men, women and children to (humorously) address the isolation and lack of physical contact so many of us experience. Alternating strips of hook and eye pieces allow the wearers to rush into each other and stick together. I very much like that the installation allowed the viewers to actually try the jackets on and use them. Sadly, I was the only person at the exhibit.

The moderns and sustainable kitchen! A wall of greenery provides fresh air and a reminder of the natural world. An awning is fluttered by the fan/exhaust hood creating a soft, natural rustling. The low stove doubles as prep and eating space, close to the ground like any camp fire. A lovely installation and encouragement to explore rustic Scandinavia further.


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