Burning Man 2006: a drive through the playa

Odd little balls on sticks out on the playa.
Another odd piece found on drive-by - a 1950's style office desk out in the middle of the desert.
A strong proclamation for saving the foreskin...
The dancing British girl who hung from the edges of the art car for the whole day.
The gothic cathedral skeleton. At night parties happened here - as in many places.

Art car called on all sorts of cultural reference - but this one definitedly fit the desert setting - the Jawa Cruiser.
The Cheshire car.

The Belgian. I don't know it's full name but the piece has since been written up in many magazines.
The first daylit hours of my time here were spent amidst a dust storm. I recall walking through the playa and seeing this odd formation of dust rising out of the background haze. I was not sure if it was moving or static as it seemed to change shape as I walked. Only when I came closer did I realize it was man-made and rising from the playa.

Views of the playa.

One of a number of war memorial pieces.

Another Star Wars inspired art car.

A crane converted into a flower.
A kite.
Loading onto our art car. Most of the art cars are hop-on nad hop-off. Ours was a three-story scaffolded affair with a blender and plenty of frozen drinks.

Me in my self-made uniform.
The temple.

Ever-present and ever-important... portos.

Red and the man who never spoke and hardly moved.
The Serpent Mother during the day. At night she flamed from almost every edge and moved her head.
The silent guy again.

Watching us watching her.

The Dramatic Guy. One of the crew of our art car. He was pumped - leapt over fences to dance in the middle of the no-go zone, zipped around the scaffold - you can see it in his walk.

A half-pipe on the edge of Black Rock City.

The captain of our art car.
The shadow of our art car for the day - very much a Mad Max affair.

Not all of the playa artworks worked.

The Spider!

One of the passengers late in the day - entertaining us with hula.

As evening began to fall the dust began to rise from the playa.

A bit of the fireworks before the burn of the man.


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