Burning Man 2006

Thanks to a wonderful gift by a friend, I participated in Burning Man this year. It was glorious! I pulled my camera out the last day, realizing that words wouldn't suffice - but the camera is buried in some box somewhere so I'll rely on other's images until I can find it.

Our camp

The Art Cars!

Burning Man spreads across a dry, desolate playa - filled for the week with art, people, and strange, wild, but consensual energy. The art cars invited you to hop on for a ride.

The flower and the flytrap were gorgeous and lit at night. Beneath the skins both were cranes - and a delightful presence.

Star Wars lives - not only the Jawa land cruiser but also Luke Skywalker's vehicle of old.

So, most things there are artworks - from the people's clothing to how they act and share with each other, and from the simplest camp to the wildest art pieces. These are the stationary ones out on the playa.

This family of inquisitive figures walked along the main road to the man.

Interactive and inviting participation as many pieces did, this three-legged spider invited you in and on to climb up it - and reminded me of childhood playgrounds our father used to take us to.

Imagine this serpent mother awake and alert at night - her back and head aflame, guarding her egg. During the day she is interesting, but at night she was gorgeous and hosted scores of us within her flaming sides.

Not all the art was so bold - these sails spoke to the winds moving across the playa, the absence of water, and to the more peaceful and contemplative side of the event.

This metal sculpture is one of my favorites. Also along the main road, this fish of metal and wood was delicately balanced and would move to the light press of your hand, swimming and rotating. That responsiveness delights me - even more so than the freedom to clamber all over the artworks - perhaps because it feels more like a life responding to me than having the power to conquer something.

The imagination runs wild here - if you've always wanted to make it - you can and share it with people - like this foot powered ferris wheel and massive playground climbing dome. And here if you make it, people will come and explore it.

The Man!

By day a simple, unassuming structure of wood.

By night, a bright beacon on the playa. And at the end of the event, a symbol burnt in the largest fire I've ever been close to - to celebrate the passage of time and the renewal it brings.

While getting my dress spray painted I looked behind me on the second day to see - lo - and behold - a real dust devil swirling across the playa. The stories I had heard and the presence of many many Mad Max style goggles made sense as the dust came to envelop the city. (It was fun!)

Not sure if it's the middle of Africa or Nevada?

More later and my recommendation you go next year!


jqln said…
wow, burning man looks like it was amazing. did you take any glass sculptures with you? and by the way, where did you move to?

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