This weekend was great!

Weds-Thurs Boston - conference and then (well not so fun) dental surgery - plus two good friends, dinner, walk on beach, my old residence hall - memory lane and all that.

Friday a bit of dental surgery recovery plus some going out with the office for music then a late evening performance art thing with a friend (it was awful performance art).

Then Saturday a bit of early day contemplation followed by a conference at Cooper Union with a friend followed by dinner and drinks and long talk about life, love, and all that - plus his fascination and consternation with his newly-found head-over-heels girl.

Then a pool party in mid-town for a birthday.

Then a housewarming party in the LES (where someone was showing off the real-deal iPhone - and where I bumped into people from parsons and many places -- enforcing the small size of the design world)

Then Sunday Russ and Daughter's brunch with a friend, and the afternoon with another.

All topped off by re-reading a great, if a bit juvenile, sci-fi book.


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