Burning Man 2007: ladder in the sky

One afternoon we came across a guy who had found a fire engine on EBay and decided it was exactly what Burning Man needed. So... we climbed it, all the way way way up.

Toward the top you begin to feel it twist and shift a bit in the wind. It gets scary and your hands grip the rungs tighter and you begin to test your footing just a bit more carefully. For this year, this was the thing that most reminded me how much you take responsibility for your own safety here.

Brett on his way up.
Brett at the top. Look at our tiny little shadows.

The view was great from the top. Off to the left spun the lazy dust devils that presaged the wilder storms of later in the week.

Ahead, past Center Camp, stood the place of the pre-Burned Man, and beyond it the temple, and a great sound installation that didn't survive the first high wind storm.


Anonymous said…
Yay! A climbing challenge for the climbingest gal I know!

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