Paris on a quick wander though the city

When we arrived in Paris for the research, the French transit workers decided on a strike and the World Cup of Rugby final was being played in town. The city was packed with partiers and with traffic. Research went well and I got to spend a day wandering the city - occasionally pulling out my camera.

The drive into the city on Saturday after a stop in Versailles.

At the hotel, they'd misplaced my reservation and had to give me the suite - so I slept with a view of the Eiffel tower out one window and Notre Dame out the other, over rooftops.
Each church has it's own feel. This one is all about mementos left to thank the Virgin Mary for answering one's prayers. The church is filled with gold and copper hearts, marble plaques, swords, metals and other things. The mementos climb the walls and cover every surface.

St Eustache feels to me like a set from the Lord of the Rings. Plus the organist was practicing his music that afternoon -so I sat for a long time, listening and watching the sun throw specks of color through the stained glass.

Outside, I must admit that Paris also feels a bit surreal - or unreal - like a set or like aliens landed and set up camp.

And finally the Louvre

To finish the day and the best thing I did in Paris... a luxurious hammam bath at the Paris Mosque - wonderful! Highly recommended.

Then the Metro back to the hotel.


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