Monday, November 19, 2007

I agree.

(from my work calendar system.)

Sunday, November 04, 2007

ZKM - digital arts museum

Nina, Philip and I drove to Karlsruhe to visit the digital arts museum. Seeing the history of digital and interactive art was both inspiring and grounding. I found myself back in many considerations from school.

Outside in a glass and water cage was a riot of light.

As you enter, if it catches your face, a drum will strike and sound your entry.

Audiobar - Mogens Jacobsen 2006


Sculptural piece that makes subtle sounds as your shadow passes it.

A robotic monk, spending six months writing the books of the bible in a precise, calligraphic hand.

Nina and Philip at the foot of the final twist in subtly disturbing, Alice-in-Wonderland staircase.

In the entryway as we left, I played with the spotlight a friend developed - it selects someone and follows them for a time, seemingly pleased and interested, then in a fit a pique disappearing to watch someone else - a flighty gaze.


Small towns in Germany

I'm here at our Herrenberg studio for a few days of work. I'm enjoying the studio and on the weekends exploring a bit of the area. It's a lovely area - idyllic really - fields tidily laid out between forested hills with medieval towns rising on their slopes, topped with castles and churches - all in the red-roofed, heavy-beamed architecture of the region - Swabian, Black Forest...

My guest house

The church just above the guest house and on the way up to the remains of the castle. It's bells wake me in the morning.

My door.

The nearby town of Tübingen - home to an ancient university.

Like the Cam in Cambridge UK, a lazy river flows through town and students and others pole their way along it, relaxing, chatting, and picnicking.

The streets that wend between buildings are often narrow,

But each of the towns seem to open to a market square with cafes, public houses of great age, and fountains.

Detail of a church window - very painful medieval sentiments.


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