ZKM - digital arts museum

Nina, Philip and I drove to Karlsruhe to visit the digital arts museum. Seeing the history of digital and interactive art was both inspiring and grounding. I found myself back in many considerations from school.

Outside in a glass and water cage was a riot of light.

As you enter, if it catches your face, a drum will strike and sound your entry.

Audiobar - Mogens Jacobsen 2006

Sculptural piece that makes subtle sounds as your shadow passes it.

A robotic monk, spending six months writing the books of the bible in a precise, calligraphic hand.

Nina and Philip at the foot of the final twist in subtly disturbing, Alice-in-Wonderland staircase.

In the entryway as we left, I played with the spotlight a friend developed - it selects someone and follows them for a time, seemingly pleased and interested, then in a fit a pique disappearing to watch someone else - a flighty gaze.



Anonymous said…
very cool! y.
Turi McKinley said…

Yes it's a great place. One I'd read about and heard of from people who'd installed work here. I discovered Friday that it's only a short way from where I'm working - so I had to go - and glad that I did.

Sarah said…
Hi Turi! Looks fun and inspiring. Thank you for the pictures.


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