Friday, August 29, 2008

frog BBQ and galdiator battle

I'm not sure who took the images - but they are a great representative sample of the evening - Amy's rooftop in Williamsburg, great barbeque, tasty drinks, and a n air-puffed gladiator battle station.

Nothing was stable, and all became less so as the night went on.

Watching the sport.

Delicious, though when I arrive much was already finished.

Happy frogs - though Mark has left for other endeavours since.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Poor Nugget.

Poor, brave little guy. We went all the way uptown to the roving ASPCA van. We got there super early and waited inline with a boisterous assortment of people. But he waited patiently, even on the bus, and was sweet when I picked him up. I hope that he wasn't too young - they assured me he wasn't of course but he was not even close to being a tom yet. Ah well. He seems fine now.