WallPanic 3000!!!

In early 2011, a group of us in the New York studio had the opportunity to contribute a Kinect Hack to frog's SXSW party. A group of us collaborated and in 7 weeks, Wall Panic 3000!!! was born.

The game is inspired by the Japanese game show “Human Tetris” and the 8-bit video games of our youth. In many ways the game is all about getting people to do awkward and funny things with their bodies that they'd normally never do. Players are randomly assigned challenges in which they must contort their bodies to pass through a 'hole' in an approaching wall. The game enables single and dual players - and it was hugely fun to prototype. I was part of the interaction design crew, but was unable to attend the launch at SXSW.
The Team

  • Yumi Asai
  • Brandy Bora
  • Thomas Chan
  • Michael DelGaudio
  • Vicky Fang
  • Turi McKinley
  • Ron Rosenman
  • Erika Wei
  • Shagun Singh
  • Jen Williams
  •  Elliot Winard
  • Adam Wrigley
  • and thanks to Nate Mars for the sound design

Here's a video recap from frog: http://vimeo.com/21141396


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