Amon Tobin - isam

One of the best things about the folks I work with is that they have a wide range of passionate interests. About 4 months ago, Juan, a co-worker, sent around a link to the upcoming Amon Tobin live show. I got a ticket and we met up with some of his friends for the show. Below is a composite Juan created:
Photos and Composite by Juan Charvet

Juan's photos capture a lot of the best moments in the show - it was a beautifully curated set of projections, and symphonicly composed with movements and themes that references each other throughout. Part of a week of great music.

Can you believe that it was a single projector that did all this? A projector, some very smart programmers, and a cubist set inside of which Tobin played the sets.

Here's a link about the making of it.


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