So I've been here almost three months! Crazy. It's been fun - from lawn bowling to scuba diving - and of course busy with meetings and research and things like that. Despite carrying two phones with me (plus a wireless 3G device) everywhere - I've taken almost no photos. So I'm sharing some that others have taken.

From an evening of Lawn Bowling - photos mostly by Lauren Serota (
Camperdown Bowling Club

Lauren convincing the ball to go where she wants it to.

It's all about the socializing.

Amalia and Andrew in appropriate whites.

Joseph bowling for the win.

Getting ready to continue the game - and the classic little Sydney houses in the background.

Andrew and I talking.

And our new temporary office building
- photos also by Lauren (
It's round and bright and sunny - and you have to watch the ball to find the open lift.

Right in the heart of the Central Business District.

In the other building - on the second floor - every day people seep in from other floors for intense, sweaty and Axe-filled ping pog competitions. They literally last hours. (Photo also by Lauren)

From an evening of Manly Mussels - photos by John Prolly ( - Classic!
John's photo of the delicious mussels specials Lauren, Jennifer, and I got. I've since discovered other wonderful places for mussels in Sydney.

On the ferry over to Manly Beach.

Classic Sydney Bridge.

And the Opera House of course.


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