Art in the legacy of old industries

A month or so ago, during the Sydney Biennial,installations were placed all over the city. Out on Cockatoo Island - a former prison, then shipyard, then industrial center - installations were all over the island - a sculpture of created clouds that floated over the buildings, cliffs and meadows.

Inside one of the halls, an artist had taken a shipping container and turned it into a massive filigreed space.

Out, in the old prison courtyard, letters had been placed out along the walls and edges. Folks wandering around could move them around, spell things and change them around.

And I wasn't sure if this was an art piece or a part of how things are seen.

This was really fun - a spun sculpture of plastic, little motors and sensors and tension wires. As you moved around it, the plant-like feathers moved, and motors would gently vibrate, and a bit of scent was released. Lovely.


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