Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A morning walk

I'm near Kingscliff, Australia. At the border of New South Wales and Queensland, it is not a remarkable place - but even here, it is.

My morning walk here started with a pod of dolphin diving in and out of the waves as I walked onto the beach. The surf was breaking and the dolphin would leap out from the crest and back in, and I could see the bodies of the rest of the pod inside the waves, backlit by the rising sun.... it was amazing. And the pod swam north along the beach as I was walking, playing and seeming to be delighted with the high surf. They disappeared as I came to a pod of surfers which also provided something fun to observe.

Then, in the mid-day, I walked up the Byron Bay headlands to an old lighthouse, and happened in on a volunteer led tour up the tower to just beneath the lens. Lovely site, and great reminder of the tiny chances that come our way when we get out into the world with curiosity at hand.

I'm in 'nowhere particularly special' Australia - and there is special all around.

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