Day 4... 5? A break.

It's been crazy busy here - we've blown, cast, gone through code, sensors and responses, and started the students on concept and all that. So - Saturday night we took the students on a ride around the tree farm that surrounds Pilchuck.

(That's Tim and Simone)

(Josh on the overlook statue.)

We caught the sunset over the Pueget Sound. Saw the moonrise over the edge of the Cascades. And felt the remains of a 2000 year old cedar deep in the woods (it was too dark to really see it.)

The next day, Tina, Josh, Vickie and I skipped out from campus to Pike's place by the sound.


Anonymous said…
Looks gorgeous!
Turi said…
Thanks Jess! It is amazing here. So much that I did not expect. :)

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