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þórsmörk (Thors Murk) - my single excursion deep into the interior of Iceland.

On the first full day, we set off on a hike up the nearby mountains to see the highlands and the three þórsmörk glaciers from above. It was fairly steep, but easy. My camera was out of battery so I had to rely on others to take photos - some are mine, others are from Adda and Seth. Our climb took us up alongside narrow streams and across scree-covered ledges, and along delicate ridges.

This view was about half the way up when we stopped in a meadow for a snack. The glacial streams and rivers looked more gentle from this perspective - though I think they are deceptive even on their edges.

The group at the top. From the left: Misa, Carlos, Oskar, John (back), Adda, Zilla's girlfriend, Zilla, Fura, Belinda, Maria Kristin (middle), Adalbjorg, Isold, me (front).


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