More Reykjavik

Late one night about 3am, Misa and I went for a walk in the city. As it's summer there, the sky had only deepened, rather than darkened, but there was quiet all around us in the city. We walked the short distance from the Freyjugata apartment, up to the church which defines the Reykjavik skyline. The tall columns of its facade are based on a natural rock formation elsewhere on the island.

The city is similarly interesting and inviting since even in the deepness of the night it's light enough to explore. The quality of the light is such that I can imagine the presence of unseen creatures just at the edge of my vision. Imagine that feeling when out among the mountains and glaciers - it makes the strength og belief in the supernatural here much easier to understand.

The sky and proximity of the ocean and the rough-hewn mountains was ever-present throughout the trip as well.

And for so small a community, it is very creative, lots of arts, and surprises. At one of the three internet cafes we used, a youthful klezmer band struck up an evening of music. It was delightful and brought in many passersby.


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