On the shoot: The Actors - part 1

Maria Kristin and I developed the costumes for each of the actors - in collaboration with the actors. Going from 'pleppy' to an actual set of clothes took a good deal of getting into the culture - since even the reference term is Icelandic (something between a frat boy and a young Republican) and the appearance of it was very different from the same concept at home. The costumes came from Aunt's closets, the actors themselves, the producers' suitcases and even from my wrist and wallet.

Aðalbjörg þóra Árnadóttir - lead actress (Katrín)

Alexander Briem - supporting actor (Kristján - the rebellious younger brother)

The three friends - Addi - the Ex; Frosti - The Drunken Confidant; The Friend at the Bar.

Theodore Juliusson - supporting actor (Pabbi - Dad)


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